Monday, 26 February 2007

Amber the Belly Dancer

Here is the final coloured version of Amber the Belly Dancer.

Voici la version finale en couleur de Amber la danseuse du ventre.


LeMark said...

niice clean ups!! we get the sense on what type of character she is. too bad there isnt a pose of her dancing, bcuz she is a belly dancer right! dont worry its still good,good job! like borat would say very niice,high five! just one more thing,be careful on the muzzel on that pose where she has her mouth open and gulping the mug,i ll show u a better way to do that next week, GOOD JOB!

Thomps said...

as attractive as amber the belly dancer may be.. i think she should learn to put some god damn pants on; you make me sick lee ann. anyway! she's lookin pretty sweet. by the way.. are we supposed to color our characters? if so i should probably get on that.

Mitch K said...

I love how you left the pants out -- it really shows off that tummy. haha

Cool seat, too. Good idea!

OH, you should really add some action-lines between the hand and the cup in the 'toss' drawing -- it'll better show that she's throwing it! Hilarious!

Marquise said...

T'es folle toi !
Je ne peux pas dire des trucs pour t'améliorer genre entre artistes qui se disent :"ouais, la ligne décentrée du quart gauche aurait pu être maximiser par l'intonation juxtaposable des tons gris, mais t'as du talent si tu continues" Genre les rats qui veulent pas s'Avouer que tu es extraordinaire... j'ai pas de mot

Avon Fox said...

Very nice work!
Love the one where she'd about the swallow the mug with her tummy poking out - lol. Came out a treat!
Great character. There's sadly so few hippos in art / animation.